Kings College Ruislip

Ruislip and the connection with Kings College

The Lido Pavilion Under Construction
In 1436 Henry V1 took control of the area of Ruislip and other local areas. He gave the manor of Ruislip to John Somerset  (his chancellor) for life with the provision that The University of Cambridge was to have them on his death. 

Ruislip was passed over (together with other local places, notably Nortwood) to the College of Our Blessed Lady and St. Nicholas at Cambridge in 1451, where by then the College had changed name to simply King's College. 

From this date King's College owed and granted leases on much of Ruislip and there are covenants on many parcels of land to prevent them being ever built on.

Ruislip and its connection with Kings College

The Pavilion From Over The Lido
Whilst there are many such areas the most memorable and notable is probably King College Playing Fields near Park Avenue